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  • Tianjin Brilliant Internation Steel Co.,Ltd.was established in 2012 with a total area of 50,000 square meters. More than 100 employees. We are an industry and trade company consisting of 7 departments: production department, technology department, shipping department, finance department, sales department, and after-sales department. The factory was located in coastal city Tianjin China ,and next to Tianjin port .It only takes 1 hour from the factory to Tianjin port to delivery the goods to the loading port. The time from shipment to loading is about 3 hours. In terms of transportation, we can achieve efficient and fastest.The company focuses on the field of steel producing, processing, trading and service, mainly engaged in import and export business. Annual trading volume reaches to 1.1 billion RMB. The main products are Stainless steel plate,Stainless steel coil,Stainless steel pipe  Galvanized,and many other steel products. The company grows up continually and stably since its establishment; completes the entire layout of the Middle East, Central and South America and Asia ,Africa areas.

  • Production Department

        Regarding production our factory specializes in producing stainless steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled, cold rolled steel , aluminum , carbon steel and other steel prodcut, which can also be used for subsequent pressing, flattening, slitting, laminating, pressing diamond patterns, pressing processing directly to the customer Required finished product.

  • Technology department

            According to the products and parameters required by customers, technical engineers provide customers with a set of suitable production plans to provide high-quality and correct products. After the production is completed, the size and composition analysis of the product will be tested, and finally a material report will be provided

The following are the responsibilities of our technical department:

a. Responsible for the control of the design and development of new products and the preparation of various technical documents;
b. Participate in the formulation of plans for product realization required by customers;
c. Responsible for the daily management of the quality management system, including internal audits;
d. Responsible for the management of monitoring and measuring devices;
e. Responsible for product monitoring and measurement control;
f. Responsible for the monitoring and measurement of the quality management system process;
g. It is the centralized management department for the control of non-conforming products;
h. Responsible for data analysis management and review of corrective and preventive measures.

  •  Shipping department 
             The transportation department can deliver the goods to the customer's destination in the fastest time by means of sea, air, rail, land, and integrated transportation.

  • a: By sea, we have our own shipping company, which can traverse various routes. Generally, we use FCL, LCL, and By Bulk. We can arrange the fastest ship to transport the goods to the customer's port of destination in time. The arrival time in America is generally around 25-27 days. It takes about 20 days for customers in Australia, and 18-20 days for customers in the Middle East and Africa. Customers in Asia usually take about 10-15 days. These areas are our frequent routes, and we will have ships every week, whether it is container transportation or a large number of bulk carriers.
  • b: By air, we generally cooperate with international express companies such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT. Air freight can deliver the goods to the destination in the fastest time. Generally, compared with the small quantity, customers who are anxious to use materials will choose to use air transportation.
  • c: Land transportation is generally used to transport materials to customers who have warehouses in China. Time-saving and convenient.
  • b: Combined transportation. Generally, customers who cannot directly reach the destination will choose combined transportation. Transport the goods to the port closest to the destination. Then transport the goods to the warehouse by rail, air or land transportation